3 Step Figure Transformation Treatment

If you've always been frustrated by your body’s resistance to diet and exercise, fret not. Ask for the 3-Step Figure Transformation treatment at CITISPA. Using patented, scientically proven processes, this internationally certied treatment involves three easy steps: Thermal Fat Burn, 517 LipoSLIM and Cellu-Tone Contouring.
As you go through the non-invasive treatment, you will not only get to slim down where you need to, but also achieve a shapelier silhouette. Better yet, you will feel deeply soothed and wonderfully rejuvenated at the end of the 100-minute treatment.


Break down the fats
After a detailed computerised Body Composition Analysis to determine how much fat to trim, you will go through a Thermal Fat Burn treatment. It is essentially a steam bath, where you sit in a shower stall to let steam kick-start your metabolism and break down stubborn fat deposits.

During the 20-minute session, your body temperature and heart rate will rise. This will then lead to an increase in blood circulation, acting as a mini-workout for your heart. Over time, this treatment is said to improve your immune system, promote lymphatic drainage, relax stiff or sore muscles and detoxify your body through perspiration.


Create a slim silhouette
Next up: the 517 LipoSLIM treatment. This patented breakthrough technology stimulates lipolysis and ensure minimal re-absorption of fat with no rebound effect. It can reportedly help you to achieve dramatic three-way fat loss – visceral fat, subcutaneous fat and cellulite – with longlasting results. That's because the treatment uses ultrasound waves to stimulate the release of noradrenaline, which helps break down stored fat, resulting in fat loss.

And the good news: you can choose the areas where you want to lose the fat.


Contour the body
The final step is all about contouring your body. A noninvasive treatment, the Cellu-Tone Contouring Treatment manipulates the connective tissues through a 35-minute deep tissue massage to reduce cellulite and create contours.

Using a handheld roller contraption, the therapist will effectively roll, knead, and massage your body. In various manoeuvres, it will mobilise your skin and the subcutaneous fat cell layer to restore blood circulation. The improved lymphatic drainage is said to remove metabolic toxins, while the increase in oxygen and nutrients triggers your body’s normal process for fat elimination – the fat cells begin to shrink in size. And as the connective tissue walls are gently stretched, it encourages the fibrous tissue cells to produce better quality collagen and elastin, thus toning and firming your body.

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