Ultimate Skin Revitalizing Face Therapy

120 minutes

Possessing luminous complexion is every woman's dream. The normal facial routine may help you to maintain your skin quality but may not achieve your dream. Are you having skin problems such as rough pores, acne (due to oily skin), yellowish complexion, pigment or saggy skin with obvious lines? Indulge in CITISPA’s brand new Ultimate Skin Revitalizing Face Therapy that works through a medical grade of various advanced technologies such as RF, Bio-current, Ultrasound, Vacuum and Ice cool technology which effectively accomplish skin-whitening, enhanced skin elasticity, anti-aging, shrank pores and improved complexion.

CITISPA Ultimate Skin Revitalizing Face Therapy speedy opens about 650-800 tiny pores within 2 seconds, delivers the nutrients to the basal cells, effectively revitalizes the functions of the basement membrane and basal cells, stimulating the skin cell's renewal and vitality, repairing and promotes the growth of collagen and elastic fibers and enhance the skin’s firmness and texture. After just one treatment, you will be able to see amazing improvements of lessen wrinkles, pores and pigmentations on a fairer complexion.

CITISPA Ultimate Skin Revitalizing Face Therapy gives you a flawless and brightened skin that is free from wrinkles, sagginess, enlarged pores and spots. Beautiful and youthful skin is no longer a distant dream now!


  • Accelerates the blood circulation and promotes skin metabolism
  • Deep cleanses the skin revealing soft and dewy complexion
  • Reduces oil secretion, shrinks pores and eliminates blackheads, whiteheads and treats acne
  • Reduces skin roughness and inflammation
  • Enhances and whitens skin, dilutes spots, improves and evens skin tone
  • Stimulates skin cell and restores collagen fibres
  • Improves skin elasticity and tightens up saggy skin
  • Antis aging, smoothes the wrinkles and removes small fine lines
  • Improves the absorption of essence skin care products
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