CITISPA Franchise

CITISPA is The Premier Spa and Wellness Brand in Asia. If you are interested in franchising a World Class Brand, these are the 7 steps for a CITISPA Franchise Application.

Step 1

Click here to download your CITISPA franchise application form. Alternatively, you may write, call or fax in to receive a copy of the application.

Step 2

If you are short-listed as a potential Franchisee, a CITISPA representative will contact you to arrange an interview session.

Step 3

Upon completion of the interview session, you will be introduced to the CITISPA Franchise System and an overview of the business model.

Step 4

Before committing to the CITISPA Franchise System, you will be given one day to experience how a spa outlet is run. This practical trial will be beneficial to those without prior experience in making the final decision.

Step 5

The terms and conditions in the CITISPA Franchise Agreement will be discussed in detail and agreed upon.

Step 6

You will undergo an Initial Franchise Training Programme at CITISPA Head Office and at a CITISPA Suite, under the supervision of a Manager. The attachment program will help you to fully understand the business and familiarize yourself with the operational requirements, and eventually to manage your own spa store.

Step 7

Congratulations! We welcome you as a new member of the expanding CITISPA network of spas. You are now well on your way to starting a successful business!
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