The CITISPA BRAND was launched in late 1997, but her Brand Ideology dates as far back as when as a teenager, Christine Tan, her founder gained her self confidence after switching to the use of contact lenses. Christine realized from this experience and those she later observed of others, how a small change to a woman’s appearance can transform her whole person.

With this belief that she could help women gain selfconfidence, she launched herself into the Spa and Wellness industry at a young age of 21 and never looked back. In late 1997 she transformed her business into a modern SPA with its landmark store at Fu Yuen Building located along Beach Road, providing a full line of treatments which engages both the body and the mind. Hence, the CITISPA name was born.

CITISPA is a completely new business but she retained the founder’s mission and commitment to make women feel more confident and become vibrant and successful. The visual image on the company logo with brightly coloured sprays of water suggests the outburst of confidence and joy that emanates with each treatment at CITISPA. It also importantly emphasizes the company’s mission to add more colours to women’s life to make them feel confident. The image of “sprays of water” also brings immediately to mind the concept of a SPA, which is often associated with water, springs and fountains.

From the beginning, the founder envisioned CITISPA to be a brand cherished and admired by the ordinary working females. The “CITI” prefixed was chosen with this target market and brand relationship in mind. The brand name CITISPA conjures the idea of a SPA in the City for the City Female. The SPA in the City concept was at that time revolutionary. Most people then associated Spas with Resorts. Instead, CITISPA provided women with City Oases where they can conveniently seek SPA and Beauty treatments, or get away from the city hustle and bustle.

Today CITISPA has 10 CITISPA Suites, 3 SHINE Studios, 1 SPA CLUB and 3 DERMACARE CLINICS spread across various town centres all over Singapore providing and unrivalled convenience and unparalleled SPA experience. To create an unrivalled SPA experience, CITISPA’s philosophy is to bridge the gap between modern SPA treatments emphasizing science, technology and the traditional approaches emphasizing the kinesthetic arts, to merge the modern with the timeless. Therapy at CITISPA is meant to be more than just slimming, facial care session, or a massage, it is part of a holistic journey that allows a woman to uncover her unique and beautiful individuality and to express her new found personality with a deep sense of confidence.

To enhance her Brand, CITISPA has embarked on SPRING Singapore’s programs to achieve Business Excellence. It also seeks to enhance her corporate image by initiating and sponsoring a variety of Corporate Social Responsibility Programs.

In her current rebranding exercise, her brand promise was reframed as BE BOLD, BE BEAUTIFUL. This statement resonates with her customers’ ultimate goals and her own commitment, mission and promise to offer an unparalleled Spa experience to every woman as an affordable luxury.

In line with the Brand Promise which aptly also reflects the personality of both the Founder and the Current Management, the text portion of CITISPA’s logo is emboldened to project a company that will stride bravely and confidently forward into the future with a great pride in what it can achieve for its customers and for society at large.

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