Product Range

  • Algo Essentials
  • Detox & Clean
  • Sensi Plus
  • Mat Plus
  • White & Bright
  • Initial Energy
  • Lift & Lumiere
  • Cellular Defense
  • Professional line (face)
  • Professional line (body)

Algo Essentials

THE EXCLUSIVE COMPLEX – A powerful antioxidant complex - integrated into most of Algologie ranges - based on the supply of minerals to improve cell functioning and fight against oxidative stress. It meets 3 of the skin’s fundamental needs:



Elements that damage the environment (pollution, UV, smoking, etc.) increase the production of free radicals and adversely affect the organism’s natural defences. The balance between oxidants and antioxidants is disturbed: this is OXIDATIVE STRESS ! This inflammatory phenomenon in skin cells causes damage with age and modifies the epidermis’ structure and functions: the skin's ageing process is accelerated.

* For all skin types

Detox & Clean

Rich in Exclusive Algo3 Complex, the Detox & Clean products are your first contact with the marine world: these skincare products rebalance and revitalise the skin by meeting all its essential needs. They reveal a fresh complexion as if you have just had a walk by the sea.

* For all skin types

Sensi Plus

* For sensitive skin

Mat Plus

* For oily/ combination skin

White & Bright

* For dull/ pigmented skin

Initial Energy

* For mature/ stressed skin

Lift & Lumiere

* For skin that lacks firmness and radiance

Cellular Defense

* For skin that shows the 5 signs of aging

Professional line (face)

* Speciality face products for salon usage by therapists

Professional line (body)

* Speciality body products for salon usage by therapists

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