Natural, Marine Skin Care - Algologie products and salon treatments offer immediate and long-lasting beautyenhancing results for the face and body. For the past 20 years, their effectiveness has been recognised in beauty institutes and spas the world over.

CITISPA is the sole distributor of Algologie products and treatments in Singapore.

Let us transport you into the world of Marine Skin Care.

Located on a protected site in Brittany near the largest seaweed field in Europe, Algologie laboratories have been at the forefront of research and innovation in MARINE BIOTECHNOLOGY skincare for 25 years.

BLUE COSMETICS - Future of your beauty

Aware of marine plants' exceptional ability to survive in hostile environments, Algologie has naturally chosen BIO INSPIRATION - or nature as its model - to combat oxidative stress, which is responsible for 80% of skin aging.

In its constant search for the most effective active marine substances, Algologie laboratories have created ultramarine formulas with EXCEPTIONAL ANTIOXIDANT PROPERTIES, which act from the inside out to allow the skin to maximise its youthfulness.

BIO INSPIRATION - Marine resources

The exceptional synergy of 4 great natural resources are the source of active marine ingredients, which have a remarkable affinity with the skin and whose effectiveness has been scientifically proven.

THE SEA - A pure living concentrate and a valuable source of balance In addition to recharging the body with 96 minerals and trace elements which are essential for skin balance, sea water has an amazing similarity with blood plasma. The skin therefore naturally recognises it and this promotes intracellular exchange: this is the phenomenon of osmosis!

HALOPHYTE PLANTS - An extraordinary survival ability These are seaside plants, which are subjected to extreme conditions such as cold, wind, sun, humidity and salt. They have learnt to develop unique defences. They now offer us ultra highperformance active ingredients, such as the native cells of christe marine and blue thistle.

MACROALGAE - Endless marine properties for your skin These are real sponges with an incredible capacity for adaptation and know how to modify their metabolism according to the waters in which they are found. They are made up of permeable tissues which absorb the sea water and filter it in order to retain only the good substances. With an extra-cellular matrix similar to humans’, they are very easily absorbed by our skin to moisturise, soothe, tone, and regenerate.

DID YOU KNOW? There are 35,000 species listed and only 5% are currently exploited!

MICROALGAE - In the depths of the ocean, the essential is invisible! Invisible to the naked eye and not yet well known, these microscopic algae are among the most promising active ingredients for tomorrow’s cosmetics. A source of life, their photosynthetic activity is our planet’s main source of oxygen.

DID YOU KNOW? Although they are invisible, microalgae represent 99.9% of the marine organisms in the oceans!

BIOTECHNOLOGY - Marine innovation

Thanks to advanced Biotechnology the natural ability of marine organisms to survive and adapt can be reproduced ad infinitum by biologists to “make” the active ingredients that will be used in our creams.

This is not about plundering the ocean! A single nano extract is enough to reproduce it indefinitely, and these specimens are known as marine native cells.

GREEN production for CLEAN cosmetics


100% ACTIVE - remarkable living concentrates, in perfect affinity with the skin, stimulate all cell functions that have slowed down as a result of age and lifestyle.

100% NATURAL - Fully incorporated into solvent-free and preservative-free formulas.

100% ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY - As they are grown in bioreactors, they do not involve the destruction of the species from which they have originated.

The major innovation of ALGOLOGIE ANTI-AGING skincare

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